Maine Celtic celebration 2016

So back in July we were lucky enough to go over to Belfast, Maine in America and represent Cornwall  as part of the 10th Annual Maine Celebration. It was an amazing experience in which we were so lovingly received.

We played a couple of sets over the weekend on the main stage and held a Cornish song workshop which went much better than expected! It was brilliant to see the genuine interest in Cornish music that was demonstrated to us through enthusiastic participation and questions from everybody who showed up to listen.

On top of that, we were lucky enough to meet some truly professional musicians who are without doubt the pinnacle of the folk world. Among these were Open the door for 3, the Press gang, the Napper Tandies, Colleen Raney and Hanz Araki.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, we met our musical idols in Jimmy Keane and Pat Broaders. Playing together as Bohola, we were fortunate to share a stage with them (all be it briefly!) which was a truly fantastic experience. We would highly recommend for you to check out all of these artists as you definitely won’t be disappointed!

Now we are just hoping that they will let us return in the future!

The Stowes Boys

Copper beach informal sessions!

So recently we decided to treat ourselves to a shiny new GoPro. Whilst it will be useful to film some of gigs to show off on the website, the main idea was to film a few informal sessions when we are able to get together.

This way we can show off some of our new ideas and tunes for you even when we are unable to gig as often as we would like, due to Tom and Calum working away at sea.

So keep an eye on our videos’ page for some new additions to come!

The Stowes Boys

How music makes a difference

Yesterday Padstow….. or at least a small representation of Padstow  descended on St Just for the annual charity rugby match.  In the past the knocked together team have taken on the Combined Services, a Bodmin team and now it was St Just’s turn to get their behinds handed to them.  Tom and Cal both put in their stints for the team and Brinner and I decided to watch with a few beers from the sideline!

It was a great game and a lot of money was raised for the Padstow branch of the British Legion, there was an auction and then a bit of a sing song.  And it’s this that I wanted to talk about a bit.

As well as us Stowes boys, there were the masses from Padstow all in fine voice and some of the Cape Cornwall and Newquay boys as well.  All joined in with some classic cornish tunes as well as a few other well known folk classics.  With every song that was sung (and admittedly with each beer that was drunk) it hit me even more just how lucky we are down in Cornwall to have the music and community that we have.

It’s something that cannot be beaten….  The passion in everyone’s faces as they sang ‘Cornish Lads’ was plain to see, it pulled together the older generations, the rugby gang and the younger family members and supporters.  You wouldn’t get that if you walked into a pub in other parts of the country, maybe even the rest of the world.  It’s Cornwall’s way of uniting, it’s a way to show our defiance, it’s a way to show that we can’t be budged, it’s Cornwall’s way of showing that it’s still a community.  For as long as I can remember there’s always been a song to be sung, in a pub, after a rugby match, on a bus, in our homes, everywhere.

Maybe it’s the fact that people consider us to be cut off from the rest of the country…….  Maybe some people think that with the train lines down we’ll feel even more isolated from the rest of the UK.  But listening to those songs being belted out, singing One and All, it showed that we aren’t cut off in any way, shape or form.  We’re as together as we ever have been, we’ve got our friends, we’ve got our lives and we’ve got our songs.  And that ain’t a bleddy bad place to be at all.

As the Cape Cornwall boys sang so melodiously………..

And no one will ever move me from this land
Until the Lord calls me to sit at his hand.
For this is my Eden, and I’m not alone.
For this is my Cornwall and this is my home.

Till The Next Ramble
Oll An Gwella