Maine Celtic celebration 2016

So back in July we were lucky enough to go over to Belfast, Maine in America and represent Cornwall  as part of the 10th Annual Maine Celebration. It was an amazing experience in which we were so lovingly received.

We played a couple of sets over the weekend on the main stage and held a Cornish song workshop which went much better than expected! It was brilliant to see the genuine interest in Cornish music that was demonstrated to us through enthusiastic participation and questions from everybody who showed up to listen.

On top of that, we were lucky enough to meet some truly professional musicians who are without doubt the pinnacle of the folk world. Among these were Open the door for 3, the Press gang, the Napper Tandies, Colleen Raney and Hanz Araki.

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, we met our musical idols in Jimmy Keane and Pat Broaders. Playing together as Bohola, we were fortunate to share a stage with them (all be it briefly!) which was a truly fantastic experience. We would highly recommend for you to check out all of these artists as you definitely won’t be disappointed!

Now we are just hoping that they will let us return in the future!

The Stowes Boys

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