Kev is the ‘wise (ish) older head’ of the band and what he can’t learn musically is probably not worth learning.  Not content with throwing an accordion or melodeon around for fun, Kev is trying his hardest to master everything within reach that has strings!! Tenor Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin, Bouzouki, Mandola…….  It’s probably just a matter of time before you’ll find him wandering around Padstow Harbour with a smile on his face and a Lute in his hand, regaling tales of pirates, shipwrecks and a fine ale or two.  A keen follower of all things musical, Kev loves nothing better than to play a few tunes, be it with his brother Chris (currently keeping America entertained with his musical talents), The Stowes or any of the other talented, keen musicians that he spends his time with.  One of the nicest blokes you’ll ever meet, you won’t fail to feel a happier person after listening to Kev cracking out a song or two whilst giving you a trademark ‘Brinner Grin


Calum first picked up a melodeon when he was 6 years old and progressed on to Piano Accordion when he was 14. Its an understatement to say that many hours were spent practicing in those first years taking a great deal from the many great accordion players that Padstow has in its midst.  At the age of 19, Calum joined the merchant navy and spent 3 years studying to become a deck officer. During this time he bought himself a banjo having been inspired by Irish Folk group the Dubliners and in particular Luke Kelly. It was while on leave at home in Padstow Calum first got in front of a microphone to record Fiddlers Green, and the rest, as they say, is History! Nowadays, when Calum isn’t playing music with The Stowes, he can be found driving a sealife safari boat in Padstow or out promoting his clothing brand, Sulis & Llyr.


Ever since receiving his first accordion as a Christmas present at the age of 8, Tom has had a keen interest in all things musical. Like many youngsters in Padstow, The May Song was the first tune that he learnt. However, progression was quick as opportunities for development came thick and fast once he joined the local fundraising group, The Merrymakers. It was here that Tom’s love of Cornish folk music and sea shanties came alive, an influence that can be readily heard in his music to date. It wasn’t until the age of 14 that Tom was first introduced to Irish and Scottish accordion music, the style he plays most of now. Many of the talented musicians around Padstow would regularly have pub sessions which proved to be an invaluable way of learning new tunes, and playing with different players. As well as actually playing the accordion, Toms’ love of folk music means he will often be heard listening to The Dubliners, or his accordion playing idols, Phil Cunningham, Jimmy Keane and Alan Kelly. As the baby of the group (although not the most immature, that it still hotly contested!) Tom takes a lot of his enjoyment from playing with his fellow band mates, who he has played with since the very beginning. He is now broadening his musical talents by spending more time with a mandolin or guitar, so watch this space!

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