Welcome to the home of The Stowes! From here you can find out about us, and catch up with all of our gig dates, new tunes, videos and contact information.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of listening to The Stowes yet then you are in for a treat……

The Stowes are a traditional Celtic music and Ceilidh band from Cornwall, UK who play a stimulating mix of Traditional Folk, of mainly Cornish,Irish and Scottish origin, as well as rousing sea shanties and buoyant instrumental arrangements.

With a full-bodied combination of piano accordion, stomp box, guitar, bouzar and banjo, The Stowes can fill up any venue, small or large, with toe-tapping music to get the crowds going.

We’re available for pub gigs, festivals, weddings, birthdays and Ceilidhs, so get in touch!


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